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Soap bubbles

Sometimes, there’s not much you need to have fun. Just a cup of water, some baking soda and a squeeze or two on the dish soap bottle. And then a stick, a piece of yarn or wire, and your whole world will soon shimmer in all the colours of the rainbow. With these simple ingredients, you can turn a frown upside down, start a peaceful war and make people feel like children again. Because sometimes, you only need a shiny soap bubble to make all your worries go away.

At Stundars, the soap bubbles float on the wind over the old roofs almost daily. Make your own bubble mix, Stundars style.

2,5 decilitres of water
3 tablespoons of dish soap
1 teaspoon of baking soda
a bowl to mix it all in.

Mix the ingredients together but stir very carefully so the mix doesn’t lather. You can easily make your own tools for blowing the soap bubbles. Take a stick, for example, and make a loop at the end of it from either yarn or thin metal wire.

Text: Maria Österåker in the Stundars book from 2013