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Phone: +358 (0)6 57 099 000


Post adress: Stundars rf, Stundarsvägen 5, 65450 SOLF

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The Stundars association has six full-time employees and another ten summer employees. The museum receives funding from the municipality of Mustasaari/Korsholm and state funding for museum operations from the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.

Contact information for the staff Topp

Gunilla Sand, Museum Manager +35850 355 7106

Martin Backman-Witting, Museum Pedagogue (visitor groups, marketing, offers) +35850 432 0688

Liselott Nyström Forsén, Museum Amanuensis (the museum collections) +35844 231 6010 

Jonathan Hemming, Building Manager +35844 242 9981

Saana Lind, Curator +35850 514 0444

Simon Dahl, Museum Caretaker +35844 987 0602

E-mail addresses to the staff:

Personalens e-postadresser: firstname.surname(at)

Stundars rf  (Stundars Association) Topp

Stundars Open-Air Museum in Korsholm/Mustasaari is administered by the Stundars Association. The very first Museum Foundation was founded in Solv village in 1938 by the teacher Gunnar Rosenholm. Along with his students, he lay the foundation for the open-air museum, that today contain over 70 buildings.

Stundars rf is a non-profit association with about 250 members. The association board is chosen for two years at a time and it also contains representatives for the municipality’s executive board and council. The association’s main task is to promote the local cultural heritage and partake in its preservation.

The association board of Stundars rf 2024 Topp

Kenth Nedergård, Chairman

Christer Finne

Carl-Erik Forth

Ville Klemets

Carola Lithén

Sara Bergström

Karl David Långbacka

Anna Ros

Kati Källman

Alf Burman (representative for the municipality of Korsholm)

Anders Lindman (representative of the Artisan’s Guild Björken rf)