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Exhibitions in the Open Air Museum

Stundars is very much a living museum, where every building is a valuable museal object in itself. The whole museum village can be seen as a huge open-air exhibition. There are hardly any hindering glass showcases or cabinets, and you can come so close to the old tools, furniture and household items that you can almost hear them whisper about times long gone.

Most interiors in the old living quarters and workshops in the museum village are part of our permanent exhibitions. That includes the Printing Museum and Hemmer’s memorial room. Read more about the enticing museum buildnings here.

This year’s exhibitions in the museum Topp

Every year our staff has built a few new or renewed, more temporary exhibitions in some of the museum cottages. To see these exhibitions is included in the entrance fees.

An exhibition of the emigration from Ostrobothnia to America Topp

At the turn of the last century many Ostrobothnians moved to America. Why did they leave? Who went? When and how? How did their absence affect their home, their family, or the village? Who never returned – and who did come back? What novelties and new ideas did they bring with them? By using the village Solf – and especially 100 emigrants from Solf – as an example, we illuminate what life would have been for the Swedish-speaking Ostrobothnians who went “over there”.

The exhibition can be experienced in Swedish, in Finnish, and in English.

You can book a private guided tour for your group – a perfect activity for a family outing, a staycation, or for visiting descendants of emigrants.

The exhibition can be found inside the loft of the farmhouse, but there are 6 other buildings in the museum village with a strong connection to emigration from Ostrobothnia. The price for the special guided tour is 20€ + individual entry fees. Book your tour through

Other historical exhibitions Topp

Among feather bolsters and sheep fleeces – An exhibition of Ostrobothnian bed textiles
Laundry and gossip, two things that never end – An exhibition about laundry and textile care in older times
In the depths of Johanna’s larder – An exhibition about food in the old Ostrobothnia

The art exhibitions at Stundars Topp

Every summer, we have at least three different art exhibitions at Stundars. For that purpose, we have three different exhibition spaces, each one with its unique milieu and light. The biggest one is on the second floor of the winsome Hemmer House. Then there is the old animal barn with its white-washed timber walls and rough stone base. The smallest is the Stonemason’s cottage, where the art is framed by sprinkled wallpapers and sturdy benches.

There is no entrance fee to see only the art exhibitions. To see the museum exhibitions and interiors too, you will of course pay the entrance fee to the museum. The exhibitions are open during the opening hours of the museum and during our larger events.

Hemmer’s House Topp

27.6-15.8.2024 Artist Fritz Jakobsson

The Animal Barn Topp

1.5-16.6.2024 Visual artist Erika Fellman
24.6-15.8.2024 Visual artist Paula Blåfield

The Stonemason’s cottage Topp

24.6-15.8.2024 Embroiderer Pernilla Vikström

Here you can read more about Atelier Stundars and about our Artist in Residence-programme.