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Tread carefully and dress according to the weather! Topp

In Stundars Open-Air Museum, the seasons, the nature and the weather are affecting the museum village, just like the name implies. To make your visit as pleasant as possible, dress according to the weather forecast and for being outside. Temporarily, there can be puddles, wet grass and mud, and stairs and floors can be slippery or icy. Walk carefully and take your time. The staff is sweeping stairs, ploughing snow, putting sand on slippery spots and so on when needed and during office hours.

Watch your head!

The door frames are really low in the old, traditional buildings. Even people of average hight must bow their heads when they enter and leave the cottages. Most thresholds are also high, to keep the heat in and the cold draught out. Additionally, Ostrobothnians were indeed shorter 100-200 years ago. Because the museum buildings are valuable historical objects in their own right, we are not allowed to lower thresholds or enlarge door openings to adjust them better to visitors. Instead, we ask our visitors to be humble and bow their heads when entering or exiting our traditional timber houses.

In case of emergencies Topp

Call 112. The address to Stundars Open-Air Museum is Stundarsintie 5, Sulva, Mustasaari. The coordinates are …..

In case of heart failure, there is a defibrillator in the vestibule of Hemmer House. It is used to start a heart, and the machine will tell you exactly what to do to resuscitate a person whose heart have stopped.

A first aid kit is kept in the yellow Information and ticket booth.

Fire extinguishers can be found in every larger building. Their locations are marked with signs. A water post is situated on the outer wall of the Smithy’s cottage.