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For children

”To really know who you are, you have to know your history”

At Stundars, children and others with a playful mind can easily learn more about how people lived on the Ostrobothnian countryside when grandmother’s grandmother was young. Through play, we learn new things, start to think and ask questions, and practice to imagine what other people’s lives could have been like.

The staff at Stundars are really good storytellers and can adjust guided tours as well as activities to the ages and interests of our visitors, and to the level of background knowledge they possess. Every day during the summer season there are guided tours and happenings that are suited for children.

The playhouses Topp

Welcome to Stundars’ playhouses! These are made for creative and imaginative play. If you became inspired by the visit to the real farmhouse, you could continue to play old-time house in the Play Farmhouse. If you instead thought that the old general store was intriguing, you can pretend to be a shop-keeper or customer yourself in the Play Shop. And in the Play Barn, there are a wooden horse, a pig and a cow, sheep and chicken that you can play with. If you’re in luck, the Childrens Wood shop is open, and you get to use hammer, saw and nails to build something yourself!

Play Farmhouse
Play Barn
Play Shop
The Children’s Wood Shop

“Mommy at a summer Thursday: Come along, time to go home.
Her sons: Nooooo, we don’t wanna go yet! We’re not done playing!
Mommy: Fine, I’ll come get you on Saturday then!”

The zip line
The Playground
Old-time games and toys

The petting zoo Topp

In summertime, Stundars petting zoo is a home to goats, bunnies and chicken. Come say hello to them – but please do not run or yell in their home. Dogs also make the animals nervous, so please leave the dog outside the petting zoo. We’re sorry, but you can’t feed the animals. Too much or the wrong kind of food gives them terrible tummy aches. Every day during the summer season, there are guided tours to the petting zoo and then you get to help the guide taking care of the animals.

Events for children and families Topp

Besides the big markets and Artisan’s days, there are several events at Stundars during the year, that are particularly well suited for children and toddlers. On Winter break, there are a lot of fun things to do in the museum village, like having a race on the traditional “kick-sledges” or go for a spin in the very special carousel sledge. An evening before Christmas, the whole family can also enjoy our beautiful Christmas Walk with lantern paths and carols, and in high summer we have a very popular Play Day. During summer break, there are different camps arranged at Stundars, like the Artisan’s camp for schoolchildren.

Take a peek in our calendar to see what’s happening next at Stundars.

Birthday party at Stundars Topp

Would you like to celebrate your birthday by dressing up in old-time clothes and pretend to live a hundred years ago? Have a look at our offers of activities on this page.

For schools, kindergartens and pedagogues Topp

At Stundars we can provide a well-sorted spread of different activities, programs and packages for students of all ages. For further information, please go to this page.  

Hotel package for families Topp

Together with Hotel Astor in Vaasa, we offer a wonderful day at Stundars combined with a stay at the beautiful hotel Astor. See our offer here.