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May Day at Stundars

Stundars celebrates May Day on Wednesday 1st of May, 12–15.

There will be musical performances, with different orchestras.

At the market stalls you can buy local food products and handicrafts. On the artisans’ square outside of Rofhöks there will be an exhibit with vintage mopeds.

There will also be coffee and freshly baked goods for sale, as well as grilled sausages. At the same time Lyckans Café will be open. Restaurant Hemmer will have a Spring Buffet, which can be booked for 44 €/person, through or phone 050-5930200.

In the museum village the play environments will be open, while it is also possible to ride a pony. The summer-guests in the animal park will be visiting their enclosure. It will also be possible to plant seeds with the local 4H, who will also arrange a lottery and have bunnies with them. Nearby there is also an art exhibit at the Animal Barn, with artist Erika Fellman.

The entry is free. Welcome!