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International Women’s Day

On Friday 8th of March, we celebrate International Women’s Day, to advance women’s rights and equality all over the world. Because of this, on the Museum Thursday after the winter-leave we will focus on the women living in agrarian Ostrobothnia during the 19th century.

The women of Ostrobothnia have been very independent, as the men have often been away for work-related reasons, sometimes for months at a time. The men could have been travelling craftsmen, or went to logging camps in northern Sweden, or took part in relocating houses to new Vaasa, or they went on long trips to fish or to hunt seals. This meant that the women often took care of all work at home and on the yard, for long periods of the year.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we invite you to the Rofhöks building on Thursday 7th of March, at 1 PM. We will have conversation and a clothing exhibit, as we tell you about women’s daily lives and the clothing they wore.