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Among kings, presidents, and elders

This year the Republic of Finland had presidential elections once again. But had things gone a bit differently, we could have become the Kingdom of Finland. Because of this, the Museum Thursday on 21st of March will focus on the relationship between authorities and the populace in the old agrarian society.

Unlike today, during the 19th century authorities were usually very distant, making royals seem almost like fairytale figures in a land faraway.  The state has also been mostly invisible in daily affairs, meaning that the villages in Ostrobothnia have had to sort out their own affairs, led by elders.

We invite you on Thursday 21st of March at 1 PM to Rofhöks, where you may get acquainted with how people related to the motherland and kings, emperors, and presidents, as well as how the elders planned for things in the villages. Welcome for conversation and coffee, next to a cosy fireplace.